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Dr. Kelly Craig

Dr. Kelly Craig has been at Easton Animal Hospital the longest, almost 17 years now. She has developed a speciality in both VOM (veterinary orthopedic manipulation) and 3LT laser therapy; and enjoys seeing these therapies improve the quality of life of patients.  Outside of work she enjoys being outside enjoying nature and spending time with her family.

Dr. Craig

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Dr. Kari Titcher

Dr. Kari Titcher has been with Easton Animal Hospital for 6 years. She is certified by the Chi Institute in acupuncture, and enjoys performing this treatment technique due to it's many health benefits for a multitude of conditions.  Growing up in eastern PA, Dr. Titcher has settled in New Jersey after spending time in the Caribbean and Florida for veterinary school. In her time outside of the clinic, she enjoys spending time traveling with her husband, visiting with her family, and spending time with her pets. 

Dr. Titcher

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Dr. Jessica Nankman

Dr. Jessica Nankman joined Easton Animal in 2012.  After growing up in the Lehigh Valley, she spent time living abroad for school, externships, and family commitments, after which she returned to the area to start her veterinary career. Dr. Nankman's favorite part of her job is helping people get off to a great start with their puppies and kittens and helping to give senior pets the best life they can.  She is certified to complete USDA health certificates for internation travel.  Outside of work, she enjoys mountain biking with her husband and dog and spending time with her family.

Dr. Nankman

Dr. Christopher Garthwaite

Dr. Garthwaite is our newest addition here at Easton Animal Hospital.  He is a graduate of the Royal Veterinary College in London.  Dr. Garthwaite likes being an acitve member of his community and enjoys being part of an animal's life.  The part of his job he enjoys the most is working with internal medicine and oncology patients.  Outside of work he plays golf and the blues harmonica.  He also rides motorcycle.

Dr. Garthwaite

Graduate of Royal Veterinary College in London.

Has a dog named Emily.